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Harry Winston Jerome
British Columbia's athlete of the centuary holder of six world records (sprinter). Statue, Stanley Park, Vancouver.

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Had an absolutely fabulous time in BC-the scenery is stunning and really makes you appreciate the work and consequent beauty of nature. Coming back home has never been so hard. Drink it all in the last few weeks, mum and dad. Love you! Cheryl and Dave: 21 August 2004 (09:03 BST).

Good to see you're having a great time. I thought you would have had your own ketch by now and be selling trips around the sound to all of those cruise ship junkies! We will keep the rain here ready for your eventual return. Enjoy, Rod Mountney: 11 August 2004 (15:35 BST).

Just been sitting here on my own in the CDC due to it being summer hols looking at your photographs it looks a lovely place and I am glad you are both having a great time. Spare a though for us who are still slaving away at work. Have a good holiday and hope to see you when you return. Lots of love June: 03 August 2004 (15:09 BST).

Another interesting display of pictures. You are certainly getting about (not just sitting about dipping your toes in the lake). My love to Cheryl & David when they arrive. Love Dorothy: 02 August 2004 (12:49 BST).

Hello Kevin and Frances.... I'm finally finding the time to look at your amazing website documenting your adventures in BC/West Coast. I am so impressed with your photos and write-ups - what a lovely way to share your travels with family and friends. Mom (Marguerite) was quite excited about all that you've accomplished during your stay. I was smiling at your rainy day Vancouver photos. We would sure like a bit of that rain currently! I hope that you are continuing to enjoy your stay. Please contact me if there is anything that I can help you with. Cheers, Catherine Feniak (Marguerite's daughter in Vancouver): 28 July 2004 (16:47 PST).

Seems like you're having a brilliant time over there. You'll have to give Simon some tips on what to visit: he's going to have a year in Canada next year studying at University of Calgary. This is about my first week in the office since you left so I've got time on a wet and dreary English summer morning to have a look at some of your photos. Is the word envious or what!

Not even made mummers some weeks, though did manage the summer bike ride a couple of weeks ago. New landlord in the Spinner last week: good first impressions! Enjoy the rest of your trip. Look forward to seeing you when you are back. Briggy: 27 July 2004 (09:19 BST).

Your travel log is absolutely amazing and brightens up a dull morning. Fancy giving up your job in sunny Winsford to go somewhere like that ... no comparison really! The majority of staff have left us now to go on their summer holidays - remember those lonely weeks at the Therapy Centre, Frances? Keep those photos coming. Best wishes. Love from Yvonne: 26 July 2004 (09:04 BST).

Just got in from manning a stall at a 'Medieval Fair' in aid of the Operatic Society. I am drenched to the skin and freezing. I came home and found your great pictures obviously warmer than I am! I cannot believe this is the 25th July it is more like December. Thanks again. Love Dorothy: 25 July 2004 (16:45 BST).

Hi Kevin and Frances.... We the Breadners have lived here for almost 30 years ( the neighbourhood old timers) and enjoyed looking at your photos and comments on the HalfMoonBay area. The HalfMoonBay Greenways Group ,of which many of the neighbours are members, would really like to have an informal get together with you before you leave us. It is refreshing to see our area through someone with such a keen observation. Elsie Rudland of our group will be intouch to see when you are available. You certainly picked the warmest summer for your trip out to this coast. Carolyne Breadner: 24 July 2004 (20:54 PST).

You couple of jammy so and so's! You leave rainy Northwich for beautiful sunshine, spectacular scenery and, by the looks of it, an unforgettable experience. Why not stay out there and organise holiday experiences for the rest of us? Great pictures, love the story - keep it coming! Best Regards Graham Emmett: 21 July 2004 (12:47 BST).

I am really enjoying keeping up with your trip and having the opportunity in sharing your experiences; (It's armchair travelling!). Tracy is obviously also enjoying the experience. Love to all. Dorothy: 21 July 2004 (12:05 BST).

Enjoyed my stay, and had a great time. I would say to anyone if you get the chance, visit this lovely place. I want to go back! Mum and Dad enjoy the rest of your stay. Miss you, Tracy: 19 July 2004 (21:58 BST).

Thank you so much for the trip north! Very well done! As an ex-fisherman who used to make the trip up to Rupert every year, I miss it all very much, and your photos and comments are most enjoyable. A real treat. Irma Jamont, (a neighbour, we live on the hill right above you!): 15 July 2004 (19:35 PST).

Hi Frances & Kevin. Thank you for sending me the info to log onto your wonderful trip. The pictures are great, Kev has always been a regular David Bailey. I am really pleased that you are sharing this marvellous experience and having such a wonderful time you deserve it. Love Dorothy: 26 June 2004 (16:04 BST).

Great to hear from you both. You may remember me I was the first Lord Nelson and my Dairy Doubt is still spoken of today. We are off to live in our little house in Deep Cove, North Van. in September. Get in touch if you are still there then. Cheers, David and Sarah Richardson: 25 June 2004 (08:55 BST).

I have had a lovely meal out with Cheryl and David and I have enjoyed the pictures, I can now visulise what a lovely place it is for you to be having a holiday! Hope you continue to enjoy your stay in Canada.  Joan: 10 June 2004 (13:33 BST).

Been looking at your web site, courtesy of mum & dad, what a beautiful place. Love the one of Fran looking out over the sea. House looks great. Enjoy your time in Alaska, envy, envy, envy - shouldn't say that really as we are off to our Greek island for a month!! All the best, see you when you get home - are you coming home? Lilian & Alan: 5 June 2004 (17:28 BST).

You lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky B*$$£>s! It's raining in Northwich. Graham: 4 June 2004 (12:03 BST).

I have booked marked this page and will try to look it up ever so often. The photos are great and what a place. WISH I WAS THERE!   All the best and have a fantastic time which I know you are having.  Should you visit Zodiac Hurricane please convey my regards to John and Ernie. Another job coming up for ZH perhaps another trip . Would love that!   Andre: 2 June 2004 (14:25 BST).

Hi, brill photo's nearly as good as my Scotland ones (ha ha ha). Looks like you are having a fab time. Keep the pics coming if you can spare the time between everything else you must be finding to do. Love Sharon and Gang: 1 June 2004 (22:43 BST).

What a good website and you have a gift to writing it all. You seem to have covered a lot in your 2 weeks there and the pictures are lovely. We enjoyed our break very much, nice hotel not big and very friendly and personal. Went to Ullapool and some small villages on the way back. The next day on the train to Lochalsh, then back on the coach to Plockton. Used the swimming pool, they also had a jacuzzi and sauna too!  Lots of love to you both. Mum & Dad: 1 June 2004 (20:30 BST).

Glad to see you are both having fun. Those photos look great! Kamran: 1 June 2004 (17:51 BST).

Got your Web Site address. Looked at the enclosed pics…. it all looks very nice (even the dead tree trunk)! Malc & Janine: 1 June 2004 (15:06 BST).

Thanks so much for the pix, I've sent them on to Maggie's email and I expect a call when she's looked at them sometime this afternoon! I'm tremendously impressed by your photo website, you really have cracked this technology thing. Very well done for getting yourselves over there, gives one much food for thought!  Mike Deacon: 1 June 2004 (10:54 BST).

Great to see and read all about your adventures. All the photos are fantastic, particularly the one with the wine bottle! Cheryl & Dave: 31 May 2004 (19:37 BST).

Got the e-mail will be in touch soon, thought you would have organised a boat by now! (working on it - kev). Alan & Maria: 31 May 2004 (19:27 BST).

The picures are great, can't wait to see it for myself. Tracy: 31 May 2004 (18:37 BST).

If you have enjoyed looking at our photos or wish to leave us a message, it would be lovely to hear from you. Frances: 29 May 2004 (22:10 PST).

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