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Welcome to the Alaska '98 website Journal Summary pages. This section consists of 21 pages with some 50 images from our trip. Join us on our Great Adventure.

Margerie Glacier

"There does not exist in the world another stretch of coastline so extensive, so complex or so fraught with navigational dangers"

Killer Whale (Orca)

Alaska '98

Journal Summary

On 1 August 1998 three intrepid explorers set out from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with ambitions to stand where Cook first landed on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in northwest America and to navigate to where George Vancouver was stopped in his wake against the icy tidewater glaciers of Alaska. Even more remarkable, the team navigated these chilling waters in an open rigid inflatable boat on a voyage of some 2,500 nautical miles.

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Alaska '98 was probably one of the shortest planned UK overseas expeditions. Concept to completion including research, logistics, equipment, and the shipping of a 7.5 metre inflatable boat across the Atlantic Ocean, 'all in all' in just nine months.

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The commentary, views and recollections are those of the author from diary entries made during the 50 days of this unique challenging and adventurous expedition. Join the crew, Kevin, Mark and Emma on their adventure of a lifetime.

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