Alaska '98 Journal Summary

Sponsors and Supporters

Canada Maritime
Canmar provided the prime logistic expedition transport arrangements. Using their container ship fleet and northern route transportation knowledge and expertise ensured that the boat and all supporting equipment arrived on schedule. An achievement in itself, being a trip of 6000 miles each way by highway, railroad and ship.

Canadian Coast
Help and advice from the friendly staff of the offices stations, and vessels of the Pacific Region.

Supply of electronic charts as part an integrated system which proved ideal for confirming islands and islets and provided essential information to enable quick confirmation of our real physical position relative to the terrain. This was most important to us when moving at speeds up to 36 kts.

Cyclops Technologies
Supply of latest technology radar reflector, for those infamous fog banks. The unit was simply fitted and left . I'm sure the unit performed well as nothing hit us during the voyage.

Provided an inflatable kayak primarily as a landfall backup and photographic platform. A very useful part of our equipment which was compact, easily stored as a roll and simply inflated. Its design and construction also made it suitable, if we were to need it, as an inflatable stretcher.

The Hakluyt Society
The learned authority on the work of the worlds greatest maritime explorers and the Society's encouragement through the provision of two of their publications.

Mersey Forwarding
The team loaded and unloaded a 40ft container provided by Canmar. A morning of torrential rain at Liverpool when loading was to be symbolic of the weather we were to experience on our passage to Alaska.
Honda (UK) Power

Honda provided engine spares support, although these were never needed during the voyage. We were pleased that the engines performed exceptionally well. We also noted that each engine used only one and a half litres of oil during a testing time in water temperatures ranging from 2°c in front of the huge tidewater glaciers of Alaska to 22°c in the warm waters of Desolation Sound in British Columbia.
Icom (UK)
Fitted the necessary emergency channels in both the fixed M58 unit and the portable M15E unit. No problems whatsoever were experienced with the communications equipment. Icom radios in the harsh environment of Ribs certainly appear to work well together.

Jasco Research
Our field logistics,safety and UK home links. Equipment included a digital camera and laptop computer. The expeditions 'in the field' website was managed by Jasco.
Khyam Leisure
Tentage was provided by Khyam in the form of their lightweight touring Igloo design. An inner tent with sewn-in ground sheet and an integrated double mosquito net door system proved 100% effective in the insect ridden forests of BC. The outer tent withstood continual rain for the wet days typical of the temperate rainforests.
Lowrance Electronics
Where else to turn but to a North American well proved Global Positioning System integrated with the electronic chart system C-Map. A Global Map 2000, 12 satellite channel system was installed and a hand held Global 100 unit as back-up, and for terrestrial use.

Mustang Survival

Mustang's mission statement… 'We Save Lives for a Living'…takes some beating, and so do their suits. It is true to say that we all became attached to our Mustang Survival suits, which saw us through some of the coldest and wettest weather any of us had experienced before. Comfortable in the knowledge, earned through our experiences, that we had some of the best foul weather and survival clothing manufactured, we would not part with it at the time of the expedition's completion.

Simpson Lawrence
Our UK supplier of the Lowrance GPS units and ancillary equipment.
UNESCO - Ocean '98
Provided references and encouragement to the expedition. Within the Ocean'98 programme provided hot links to the daily logs of the trip.
Vancouver Maritime
Agreement through the offices of the Executive Director to commence our expedition from the Museum's dock - Noon, 1 August 1998.

Zodiac Hurricane

Our field equipment agents, experts in the special build of high quality RIB's for Coast Guards and military units, who provided essential support in taking delivery in Vancouver of the expedition's boat and equipment. Then went on to provide refitting facilities and launch and recovery services. Pilotage on the Frazer River and supervision of final despatch for return to the UK.
RIB International
Our UK home agent who would interface with any authorities or media organisations if in any event such services were required.

Our UK home base website host and hot link to our 'in the field' website at Jasco.

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